Agri-calcium helps remediate soils and poor growing conditions impacted by high salinity and poor irrigation water.  Agri-Calcium will improve associated conditions such as poor soil structure, decreased oxygen content, and hydrophobic soils.



Agri-Calcium provides sequestered calcium in a multi-plex formulation.  Multiple organic acid chemistries work to:

  • Deliver calcium rapidly to the root zone and quickly remove Na from soil exchange sites.
  • Selective amino based poly organic acids work to trap sodium so it is not root absorbed.  This makes flushing sodium easier and more effective.
  • Caroxylic acids break down bicarbonates freeing calcium and magnesium for plant use.  The result is better soil structure, water percolation and oxygen content.
  • L-amino acids specific to plant salt tolerance help plants withstand higher soil salinity and remain healthier between irrigation or heavy rains.
  • Plants will maintain greater viability with better nutrient absorption and reduced wilting.
  • Crops exhibits improved plant water uptake by balancing plant's osmotic capability.


    Calcium (Ca)   20.%

Derived from Calcium Carbonite


Available Sizes

250 gallon tote--55 gallon barrel