Next Gen Agro is a distributor of fertilizers, soil ammendments and water penetration products as well as wellness products for animals.  We provide effective natural solutions at affordable prices to enhance your product outcome and bottom line:

            Naturally chelated minerals, mined in California; 

            Microbial products

            Calcium, Potassium, and humic acids  

We also provide a wonderful animal health product.

We pride ourselves on providing high-quality products, excellent customer service, and a quality guarantee on all items.



A naturally chelated source of Montmorillinite clay with trace minerals enriches the soil and feeds the micro-organisms.  This allows the micro-organisms to multiply and supply more food to the plant.  It is especially effective on sub-par land.



A blend of trace minerals, humic acid, seaweed extract and wetting agents enhances soil nutrients’ potency .  Agri-Hydro improves soil, water absorption and retention,  reducing problems associated with poor soil conditions.



Helps remediate soils and poor growing conditions impacted by salinity and poor irrigation water.  Agri-Calcium improves associated conditions such as poor soil structure, decreased oxygen content and hydro-phobic soils.



A safe, reliable blend of nutrients enhanced with a plant derived L-amino acid package and patented amino technology.  This Potassium-based bioactive supplement maximizes plant nutrition.  Eighteen (18) L-amino acids work in various pathways to increase nutrient uptake, nutrient transport, and improve plant tolerance of environmental stress.


Waste Away

An industrial grade maintenance product formulated to reduce odor and to act as a digesting agent in the decomposition of a wide variety of organic wastes.  Proven as a low-cost, effective way for farmers using no-till or min-till farming to breakdown crop residue.


NTexx Soil Inoculant with Humus

An all-natural liquid soil inoculant that contains a broad spectrum of soil bacteria formulated to revitalize soil structure, root development, nutrient uptake, and water infiltration resulting in healthier plant life in a variety of soils and climates.


ImmuOligo Liquid

The primary determinant of immune activation and effectiveness is the source of beta glucans. Unlike beta glucans derived from yeast, barley and oats, lmmuOligo™ contains pure beta glucan isolated from the mushroom mycelia and fruiting bodies. This essential constituent of the mushrooms provides a synergistic effect that further enhances clinical benefits of the mushroom beta glucan. The patented process of extracting beta glucan from multi-species mushroom is at the forefront of reintroducing botanicals as feed prebiotics.



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